Top Reasons to Join a Fitness Challenge

Weight loss is a lonely and isolating journey without a strong support system.  For many, this support system comes in the form of structured schedules with a personal trainer at a gym.  However, not all personal and professional schedules can[…]

5 Killer Bodyweight Leg Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

One of the most popular exercise memes on the Internet is “skipped leg day.” Usually, it’s a picture of someone with a muscular up top physique. They’ve worked out their arms, back, and chest, but have those skinny twig-like legs.[…]

How to Maximize Fitness Goals with a Busy Schedule

Staying fit is important no matter who you are. Unfortunately for many of us, a busy schedule makes it extremely difficult to meet our fitness goals. Everybody wants to look good and have a 6 pack, but staying fit offers[…]

3 Tips to Being Healthy and Fit for Busy entrepreneurs

Being healthy is something everybody should strive to achieve. Having a healthy body makes you feel better, look better, and ultimately, think better. When you’re healthy you wake up with energy; you don’t have to experience headaches, exhaustion, or illness[…]