3 Tips to Being Healthy and Fit for Busy entrepreneurs

3 Tips to Being Healthy and Fit for Busy entrepreneurs

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Being healthy is something everybody should strive to achieve. Having a healthy body makes you feel better, look better, and ultimately, think better. When you’re healthy you wake up with energy; you don’t have to experience headaches, exhaustion, or illness nearly as often.  Ultimately, you are an all-around more productive human being.

But what many busy folks don’t realize is that it doesn’t take a hardcore commitment to working out to stay healthy. You don’t need to hit the gym three times a week and lift until your muscles are sore.

You can achieve a very healthy body with stunningly low levels of activity, and here’s how.


1. A Workout a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Work out every day! No, you do not need an intense workout to be healthy. Try doing a few jumping jacks to get warmed up and do some stretching. Just stretching the muscles that are tight will make you feel amazing.

After stretching, undertake activities like sports, swimming, yard work, or anything that keeps you moving. Do anything gets the blood pumping around your body and through your brain. Just remember, there’s more to being healthy than just doing a workout a day.


2. Basic Bodyweight Exercises Are Great For

If you want to get stronger and eliminate stress, you can start lifting weights using dumbbells or your own body. Try doing pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, leg raises, and squats, to begin. You might want to find a San Diego personal trainer if you’re in that area, to help you with the correct form. Or you could search for some online training packages that help guide you through workouts and give you tips and ideas for improvement.

If you want to work out every day, you can start very light and find your limits. Don’t do so many repetitions that you aren’t able to work out again the next day. Test yourself and see what you can handle. Eventually, you’ll be able to do many more reps per day without getting sore, while still getting stronger.


3. It Takes 10 Minutes to Get a Good Workout

Being healthy doesn’t always equate spending 5 hours in the gym. Even without workout equipment, you can get an amazing workout in just ten minutes. For those of you with very tight schedules, this should be music to your ears.

Try doing a circuit of 5 pushups, 5 sit-ups, and 5 squats for 10 minutes straight. Don’t pause at all. Go straight from exercise to exercise as quickly as you can while maintaining proper form. In ten minutes you’ll have a sweat going and any excess stress that’s been building up will seem to have magically melted away.


Building a Healthy Body

Being healthy is important, but it can seem hard to do when you’re a busy entrepreneur. By using the tips in this article or investing in an online training app, you can get a great workout every single day. No matter how jam-packed your schedule is. The best part is, you’ll get a massive benefit from working out just 10 minutes per day, compared to hardly ever working out.


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