5 Killer Bodyweight Leg Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

5 Killer Bodyweight Leg Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

bodyweight leg exercises

One of the most popular exercise memes on the Internet is “skipped leg day.” Usually, it’s a picture of someone with a muscular up top physique. They’ve worked out their arms, back, and chest, but have those skinny twig-like legs. You don’t’ want to be that person. Total fitness is about working out your whole body, not only to have a toned physique but also for your overall health and well-being. Don’t worry, whether you love or hate leg day, we have some effective bodyweight leg exercises straight from our online training app that you can do almost anywhere that are not only a great workout, but a whole lot of fun as well!


1. Side Lunge

Side lunges are both a great workout and a type of stretch. Begin by standing with your feet roughly twice your shoulder-width apart. While maintaining a stretched right leg, push your hips backward and to the left. Next, bend the left knee along with your lower body until your left thigh is parallel to the ground. Be sure your feet reaming flat throughout the exercise! Hold for two seconds then return to start alternating legs. Begin with three sets of twelve reps working up to sets of thirty.


2. Box Jump Split Scissor

This is a fun one and suitable for a little cardio. Begin with your left foot on a box or step keeping your right foot on the floor. Then in one swift movement jump up and switch the position in mid-air. When you hit the bottom, pause for a second to alternate to the other leg. Practice this motions slowly building speed as you grow used to the exercise. Begin with three sets of ten reps on each side.


3. Box Squats

Train like professional athletes with this fun workout. You can draw a box on the ground with some chalk, use some tape or just your imagination! What you want to do is bounce on and off of the box alternating legs. The goal is to really push off the ground using your quadriceps. Beginners can begin just by bouncing off one foot to another but work towards exploding off each side as quickly as you can. Begin with twelve reps of three sets for each leg.

bodyweight leg exercises


4. Fast Toes

You actually have the option for doing this fast or slow depending on whether you want a deep stretch or a quick quad workout. This exercise is really simple too all you have to do is run in place maintaining quick, short steps balancing your weight to the front of your foot with every step. Build speed overtime trying to see how many you can do in one minute.


5. One Leg Hip Raise

This bodyweight leg exercise covers the rest of your lower body that might have been missed by these other amazing workouts. Lie on your back with your arms held at your side at a forty-five-degree angle. With your left foot lying flat on the floor and knee bent, maintain a straight right leg.

Then gradually raise your right leg until it is parallel to your left thigh. As you do this be sure to squeeze your glutes pushing your hips up in the process which in turn elevates your lower back. Pause at the top for two seconds before returning to start and alternating legs. Do three sets of ten reps on each side.


No Fuss Bodyweight Leg Exercises You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere

When it comes to at home workouts, nothing beats these incredible leg exercises. You don’t need weights, machines or anything but yourself and just ten to fifteen minutes to get yourself in great shape. But these are just the beginning. If you are looking to get into total great shape, then you’ll need a little assistance from an online personal trainer. Online fitness training gives you the access to the professional help you need anytime, anywhere so no matter where you are. You can get a great workout. Check out our online personal training today to see some more of our amazing exercises you can do anytime, anywhere!


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