3 Core Challenge Workouts for a Busy Dad

3 Core Challenge Workouts for a Busy Dad

core challenge workouts Eternal Fitness

Fitting exercise and proper nutrition into a busy daily work schedule is a serious challenge for most fathers. There are many underappreciated benefits of online fitness training. By using our smart online program, any busy dad will uncover the benefits of workout out at home.

All it requires is a little discipline and a Wi-Fi connection to unlock our excellent Eternal Fitness webpage. Setting time aside every day to focus on core challenge workouts is an excellent start to a healthier lifestyle. All from the comfort and privacy of your home!


Example of Effective Core Workouts

The chain of core muscles may seem complicated, but strengthening them is not that complicated. For example, our trunk-focused program covers five essential voluntary body movements, which are:

  • Pulling
  • Pushing
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Squatting

A simple exercise aims at engaging your whole torso. If you get it right, you’ll efficiently tone the spinal erector muscle group that runs from the neck to the glutes down the spine. One kettlebell is the only apparatus required. No weights, no crunches, just one of our honest-to-goodness core challenge workouts.


Preparing for Spinal Erector Core Workouts

In preparation for one of the best core challenge workouts, first do the warm-ups, using air stretches and squats for around 60-seconds. Then move to push-ups and bear crawls before a brisk walk around an imaginary race circuit. Repeat the warm-up process, allowing one minute per routine.


A Few Exercises to do at Home


core challenge workouts Eternal Fitness

Single Arm Press

This one is good for each arm in turn and aims to reinforce your spinal erector muscle group running from your head to your glutes. Standing upright, space your feet to approximately your shoulder width.

Raise your right arm with the kettlebell aloft in your hand pointing down to your head, keeping your torso rigid. Keep your other arm limp down your left side. Bending your elbow, lower the kettlebell to your ear and hold it there for a moment before returning your elbow to the vertical position. Try this for 12 reps then switch sides. Complete three sets, alternating the arms.



Turkish Get-Up

This is a full body workout, that may look simple but is quite tricky. This exercise will engage your whole body, especially your core muscles. The form requires patience and practice to get right.

Begin by lying on your back. With your right arm extended out holding the kettlebell. Keep your left leg extended out on the floor and bend your right knee. You should be using your left arm for support. Next, you should push on your right heel and roll onto your left hip, remember to keep your arm tight. Push your hips up through your right leg and slide your left leg behind you, bringing you to a kneeling position. Finally, lunge forward into a standing position. Then reverse the process to go back to your starting position.

core challenge workouts Eternal Fitness

Kettlebell Renegade Row

This exercise is perfect for working out your entire core. Also, it will help you exercise your obliques, arms, and backs since it involves the plank position. When it comes to this exercise there are a few common plank mistakes that people can make, just remember to have proper form in order to prevent injury.

Starting out with an extended plank position, grip the kettlebell with one hand. Take a full stance with your feet, keeping them about shoulder width apart.  Remember to keep your core engaged with your body in a straight line. Row the kettlebell up toward your chest. Lower and repeat.


Signing Up for Core Challenge Workouts

The start point is establishing your personal fitness goals through a session with one of our experienced trainers. You’ll discuss your preferences and perceived time limitations using a comprehensive questionnaire. Then you can get to work using core challenge workouts selected from over 6,500 exercise videos, using PT Hub mobile software to create and manage your fitness and nutrition plan.

Eternal Witness is a use anywhere, anytime custom workout plan tailored to busy working dads, that will help them attain personal goals. Regardless of your demanding schedule, Eternal Fitness works with you to create online exercise programs designed to motivate you to achieve your goals.

From the top down, your core muscles – which include the abs – help control your head, neck, pelvis and, of course, the spine. The spinal erector workout is the first of a series of targeted exercise routines aimed at toning your core muscle groups. Future articles will address the other easy-to-follow methods using core challenge workouts. Achieve your goals using our tried and trusted program.


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