5 Effective Home Workouts for Arms that Actually Get Your Sore

5 Effective Home Workouts for Arms that Actually Get Your Sore

effective home workouts

Let’s face it, with our increasingly busy schedule it can be tough to make it to the gym. Whether you have exams to study for, an extra shift to cover or other responsibilities, getting in a good workout should still be a priority. That’s why we’ve put together this tried and tested list of effective home workouts for your arms, that give you that muscular, sculpted look that you want. Best of all, these routines need little equipment which means you can do them anywhere at any time.


1. Plank Up

This exercise is a cross between a push-up and plank. It is considered a core challenge workout that also hits your shoulders and arms!  Begin by getting into a high plank position then bend your right arm bringing your forearm and elbow to the floor. Follow this, by bringing the other down, so you are in plank position on your forearm. Then push up to the starting position placing your hands in the elbow’s former position. Repeat until failure while also changing sides. We recommend about 3 sets.


2. Diamond Push-Ups

You just knew push-ups were going to have to make it into this list of effective home workouts. Diamond push-ups work your chest, triceps, core, and shoulders making it an amazing exercise. Begin in a high plank position and walk your hands together to form a diamond with your hands. Bend down from the elbows doing 3 sets of 15 reps gradually working up over time.


3. Bicep Squeeze Curl

This great workout does require you to have a set of weights, but if you squeeze hard enough you don’t need them! Begin with the dumbbell in your right hand working in a half inside circular motion squeezing your bicep until your hand is parallel with your shoulder. Do 3 sets of 16 reps and also remember to do both sides.

effective home workouts


4. Bench Dips

Bench dips are another effective home workout you can do without equipment. Any solid chair, bench or table can work for this as long as it remains stationary. Bench dips are a solid tricep workout that is super simple. Extend your legs and lower yourself from the bench at a 90-degree angle. You can mix it up by lifting one leg off the ground to add some intensity to it. Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps.


5. Burpees

How about mixing a little cardio into your workout? This fun one has a little bit everything! Begin by doing a pushup then as you come back up, pull your knees into your chest and place your feet beneath your chest. Follow this by jumping as high as you can. Land then kick your feet back to return to starting position. Repeat until failure at max speed. Note that you should practice this motion before you go all out.


Where to Learn These Workouts

There you have it— 5 amazing routines that you can do anywhere you have enough space to stretch out! These fantastic bodyweight exercises will leave you toned, burn fat, and help sculpt your body. The best way to properly learn these workouts is by checking your form and instructions on our app. You can do so much on it from tracking your fitness goals to discovering more effective home workouts so download it today!  


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