Eternal Fitness’ Affiliates and What They Do For Society

Eternal Fitness’ Affiliates and What They Do For Society

We all understand the importance of being fit and staying healthy. However, there are circumstances in which you might need guidance and support from those who are educated and experienced in physical therapy, nutrition, and other related health topics. Although our goal here at Eternal Fitness is to help you achieve your personal fitness goals, we recognize other skilled professionals and companies play an integral part in helping people get and stay healthy.  So, as a thank you for their commitment to fitness, we would like to share a bit about each of the Eternal Fitness affiliates and what they do for society.


San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center

In addition to providing urgent care, family and sports medicine, San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center is focused on creating a permanent health and wellness center for San Diego’s fire departments. Having developed one of North America’s leading Wellness Fitness Initiatives, San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center is ensuring an exceptional wellness program for all San Diego firefighters.



Although most look to TRX as a method to get into shape, whether it be for a resolution of becoming healthy or to build one’s confidence, clients know they can count on TRX to help them achieve their goals. The most rewarding work for TRX’s Master Instructor, Brandon Wagoner, has been leading TRX education courses for military personnel for over a decade.


Fitness Direct

For over two decades Fitness Direct has provided quality fitness equipment to residential and commercial clients at fair prices with the idea that all deserve the proper equipment and training when trying to achieve one’s fitness goals. The company’s highly trained fitness consultants strive to match up the appropriate mixture of exercises, nutrition, and equipment for individuals according to their goals.


The League Sports Rehab

Using a variety of treatments including chiropractic care, hallux rehabilitation, Quantum neurology among others, the staff at The League Sports Rehab addresses many issues that can be affecting one’s performance. Dr. Wells one of the founders of the facility has taken his passion for health to the Olympics as a team doctor for the USA Canoe/Kayak teams in the 2008 and 2012 trials and Summer games.


Function Smart Physical Therapy

Along with a multitude of services including acupuncture, personal training, and orthopedic physical therapy, Function Smart Physical Therapy offers specialty services aimed at children who are suffering from dysfunctional elimination syndrome. Understanding the embarrassment that exists from this condition, therapists utilize effective treatment programs including biofeedback, education, and exercises.


Institute for Specialized Medicine

With a focus on helping those who agonize with arthritis, autoimmune disease, chronic inflammatory illnesses, and others, Dr. Shikhman, the founder of IFSMED uses both traditional and alternative technologies when diagnosing and treating these diseases. Helping patients achieve optimal health and living life to its fullest is the ultimate drive at the Institute for Specialized Medicine.



Body Comp

Body Comp provides its clients with technically advanced testing methods including at-home food sensitivity test kits and DNA kits to allow the client to make informed decisions when it comes to his or her exercise, nutritional and lifestyle habits.


Integrative Health Solutions

Through a combination of conventional medicine and the modern application of traditional and natural therapies Dr. Bronner Handwerger, NMB, treats many conditions including allergies, diabetes, and ulcerative colitis. Patients find the integrative programs offered at Integrative Health Solutions helpful in their journey in addressing these and other disorders.



In 1994 Blake Kassel, Bodylastics CEO, invented a quick clip system for resistance bands ensuring the best workout with a greater amount of safety for clients including NFL teams and U.S. military. To help clients understand what’s behind the resistance bands, Bodylastics provides free information and videos on its website.



Educating clients on the advantages of using specialty rollers for health and well-being is a focus of TriggerPoint. They offer free videos demonstrating the value of using foam rollers when addressing health issues.

As Jack LaLanne so eloquently stated; “Your body is your most priceless possession… so go take care of it.” And, thanks to our affiliates and their passion for getting society healthy, clients are learning the value of such a statement.


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