How To Find Motivation To Continue Your Fitness Journey

How To Find Motivation To Continue Your Fitness Journey

At some point in our lives, most of us have been the person who decides to start a fitness journey and throws out all their junk food, signs up for a gym membership, and buys a whole bunch of new workout clothes only to give up a month later when we don’t see results. At Eternal Fitness, we are as dedicated to your fitness journey as you are, and want you to stay motivated to reach your goals. With that in mind, here are a few things to help you stay encouraged and motivated when the going gets tough.

Create Attainable Mini-Goals

Having a fitness goal in mind is incredibly important to the overall success of your journey. With that in mind, be sure to set an end-goal, but focus on smaller goals along the way. Think of these small goals as mile markers on a freeway. You’re not going to stop at a mile marker, but each marker tells you you’re getting closer to your destination. Don’t say, “I’m going to lose 100 pounds.” Instead say, “I am going to lose five pounds.” When you hit that goal, celebrate it and say, “Now, I am going to lose five more pounds.” Instead of saying, “I’m going to squat 250 pounds,” say, “I’m going to squat ten pounds more this week than I did last week.”

When you only see the end-goal, it can seem like you’ll never get there even when you’re making progress. Make small, reachable goals and celebrate the small victories.

Have A Can-Do Mindset

Everything you do starts with the mindset that you can do it. It may be cliche, but if you are constantly telling yourself you can’t do something – then you probably can’t do it. If you have a fitness goal in mind that you think could never happen to you, just spend a few minutes browsing before and after fitness photos on the internet. You will quickly realize that people who are bigger than you, scrawnier than you, shorter or taller than you and so forth have already achieved what you are trying to do. If they can do it, you can too. Nothing is impossible with the right attitude.

Don’t Struggle Alone

When it comes to keeping motivation, accountability is vital. The more you tell people about your plans and goals, the more likely you are to stick to them. Ask your friends and family to hold you accountable, or even better, join your fitness journey with you.

Using a personal trainer and nutritionist is a great way to accomplish this as well. Our virtual personal trainers are available to keep you motivated throughout your journey, guide your decisions, and help make adjustments when something isn’t working.

Remember The Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Many people begin their fitness journey with the idea that they will lose weight and slim down, or build muscle and bulk up. Most of us want to change our physical appearance, and that is a perfectly valid reason for working out and following a healthy diet. However, it is important to remember all of the benefits of healthy living. At some point in your journey, you might not see the progress you want and think, “Whatever, who cares what I look like?”

When this happens remember that regular exercise and a personalized meal plan can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and even some cancers. If you’re young and not thinking about the long-term health benefits – start thinking about them. The sooner you form good habits, the more benefits you will see in the long-term.

Exercise has been shown to improve your mental health and mood. Not only can it reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, but it can also help prevent loss of learning and judgment skills as you age. Regular physical activity also improves your quality of sleep, which can improve daily cognitive abilities.

Keep Track Of Everything You Do

Using a healthy living app that can track calorie intake, log workouts, and provide custom meal plans is a perfect way to stay motivated. When you have a virtual personal trainer practically in your pocket, it’s harder to avoid workouts. When you have a shopping list that your nutritionist devised for you, it’s harder to make excuses not to go to the grocery store. At Eternal Fitness, our fitness app and online exercise program helps you stay on top of your workouts by bringing personal training to you anywhere, anytime. Check out the packages for our online fitness programs and get motivated today.


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