Modern Athletics 101: Top 5 fitness Apps for Workout Planning

Modern Athletics 101: Top 5 fitness Apps for Workout Planning

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Best Fitness Apps to Try in 2018

In the old days if you wanted to keep track of your workout it typically took a trainer or having some notebook that you carried with you every day throughout your gym. It should have been worth something if you even managed to hold onto that notebook and keep in one piece from the beginning until the end of a workout regimen. Nowadays, there is a variety of different fitness apps out there. They can help you plan all aspects of your workout to better achieve success. Here are the top five fitness apps you need to be sure download before the next time you hit the gym.


1) Eternal Fitness

This app is fantastic because it truly combines it all. The Eternal Fitness online training app can cover you from start to finish and includes a library of over 6,500 workouts videos, meal plans, shopping lists, and everything else you need to fine-tune your regimen. It is like having your own personal trainer in your pocket. And it is based on experience. The plan is the end result of over fifteen years of industry knowledge boiled down to exactly what you need to succeed.


2) Charity Miles

Who doesn’t get that special warm feeling every time you help someone. Charity Miles is the best of both worlds. Every time you run, walk or bike you can earn money for charities. It’s a simple and great concept.

Corporate sponsors (you’ll see who) agree to donate a few cents per mile that you complete. There is a whole range of different causes that you can support. Find one that you support and get ready. It might seem like just a little bit, but with each person, those few cents really add up!


3) Endomondo

If you do your cardio out in the open world, then you are definitely going to be interested in this. Endomondo has a fantastic user interface which helps you track runs, bikes, and other outdoor activities. It has a range of different training plans and coaching tips (if you unlock premium) to help take your workout to a new level. Best of all, it plots on a map everywhere you went so you can really see how far you went!


4) FIT Radio

Finding the perfect track to keep you pumped can be tricky. We might have a few songs in our library or some artists we like, but if you work out a lot then you can burn through this pretty quickly and get sick of hearing the same thing over and over again.

With FIT radio you choose a few specifications like genre and types of a workout from yoga to cardio and weights and from there it will play you fresh tracks. Best of all you can fine tune it to songs you like and don’t like to really personalize your workout.


5) FitStar

You may have heard of Fitbit. It is a very popular workout app as well as a line of exercise equipment and other such as scales and recovery tools. Fitbit’s app is fantastic, but it is a little bit pricey.

FitStar which was actually purchased by Fitbit is like the light version of it. It comes with your own in-app coach and a host of features to help guide your workout. Plus you can give it feedback like too easy or too tough to help find the perfect level for you.


5 Great Fitness Apps

It’s never too late or too early to start working on that resolution to get into good shape. With these excellent apps in your pocket and the endless benefits of online fitness training, you will have everything then you need to be able to conquer every workout and achieve your fitness goals.



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