Fitness with Forever in Mind

Fitness with Forever in Mind

tortoise and hare

The Ideology of Eternal Fitness – “Fitness with Forever in Mind

100 million dieters couldn’t be wrong, or could they?! With today’s focus of fitness and diets on how fast someone can achieve their desired results, my focus is on how long someone can keep and maintain those same results. While achieving ones desired goal is a wonderful accomplishment, the true metric of success should be if they are able to sustain those results or not.

The objective should be to create efficient and effective fitness and food options to fit within an individual’s lifestyle and needs. To be 100%, 90% of the time! This allows you to still be an “A” student all while managing a lifestyle you still enjoy. With the speed that life moves, there are numerous concerns and situations that put constraints on our time. It is my job to help navigate and facilitate your fitness experience through those life situations.

Considering the average life of a hare being 11 years and the land tortoise being 193, one would maybe take the old adage of, “slow and steady wins the race” to heart!

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