Fitness Trends: The Athlete’s Guide to Functional Training

Fitness Trends: The Athlete’s Guide to Functional Training

functional training

You may have heard the term functional training being used to by various fitness enthusiasts. There are many forms of exercise that are suitable for different fitness goals, like losing weight, relieving stress, gaining muscle, and much more.

Functional training is a type of exercise routine which improves mobility in your everyday life. Functional training focuses on primary mobility patterns, like walking, running, pushing, pulling, squatting, etc. Considering functional training for yourself? Then keep on reading for more about how this workout can help you crush your New Year’s resolution.

Functional Training and its Beginnings

Functional training originated after World War 1 after which many soldiers’ sustained injuries which made it difficult for them get back to their normal routine.Physical therapy was created for them for their specific mobility requirements, which focused solely on bring strength and mobility to its users.

Over time, many exercises like bodybuilding have evolved into improving certain focus areas. The importance of an all over fitness regime which improves mobility cannot be denied. This is why functional training is gaining a lot of hype these days. It brings together traditional fitness methods like dumbbells, with new fitness methods like using battling ropes, to improve real-life strength.

Doesn’t Focus On Muscles, But Instead Focuses On Movements:

Unlike other training, the aim of functional training is not to create muscle, but instead, it focuses on daily activities and movements. This differentiates the pattern of functional training from others, which have the sagittal motion, i.e., moving backward and forward in a pattern.

Functional training instead focuses on three patterns: the sagittal, side to side, and rotational pattern to incorporate the various movements used in your daily routine.

Functional training also utilizes various unstable surfaces like bosu balls, which increase balance and stability. Bosu ball squats are a great exercise to tighten your core and bring balance.


Functional Exercises To Try Today:


Push-ups are one of the best functional training exercises that help create upper body strength and also helps in generating muscle.

How To Do A Push-Up:

The right way to do a proper push-up is to make sure your body is completely straight as you get on your fours. Put your feet together and angle your arms straight but slightly wider than your shoulders. Tuck your elbows and lower your torso down, keeping your head down. Pause in that position and then push yourself back into the first position.

The Bear Crawl:

The bear crawl is a great exercise for the core and it improves the body’s natural balance.

How To Do A Bear Crawl:

To do a bear crawl, get on your fours, while also keeping your back straight, and touch the ground only with your hands and toes. Angle your knees at a 90-degree angle and start crawling across the floor using opposite limbs each time, i.e., move your left foot and right hand together and your right foot and left hand together.

Functional training is an effective way to get the most out of your workout. Eternal Fitness can help maximize your workout with online personal training.


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