Fitness Trends: The Athlete’s Guide to Functional Training

You may have heard the term functional training being used to by various fitness enthusiasts. There are many forms of exercise that are suitable for different fitness goals, like losing weight, relieving stress, gaining muscle, and much more. Functional training[…]

3 Benefits of Online Fitness Training

If our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, as most anthropologists insist they were, then they sure got a lot of exercise in the course of their working day. In fact, their bodies adapted accordingly, again if we are to believe scientists. Moreover,[…]

How To Sneak Exercise Into Your Daily Life

Even though your Eternal Fitness virtual personal trainer might metaphorically be with you everywhere, in reality, we just live in a personal training app in your phone. You make choices every day to be active or not. We understand that[…]

Trigger Point Instructional Videos

Here are some great videos from Trigger Point Performance. These will allow you to deal with those daily aches and pains that need to be addressed on a regular basis.  

San Diego Farmers’ Markets

  San Diego Farmers’ Markets The below guide lists farmers’ markets found in the greater San Diego area. Sunday Gaslamp — 9 am to 1 pm 400 block of Third Avenue (between Island Avenue and J Street) San Diego, CA[…]

Fitness with Forever in Mind

The Ideology of Eternal Fitness – “Fitness with Forever in Mind” 100 million dieters couldn’t be wrong, or could they?! With today’s focus of fitness and diets on how fast someone can achieve their desired results, my focus is on[…]

Recommended Reading

Below are links to articles that I recommend by leading experts. Stress How to Find Your Stress Sweet Spot Become More Positive With These 5 Tips The Impact of Stress on our Health The Stress, Eating, and Exercise Equation Sleep[…]

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