3 Personal Training Apps that Change Your Workout Regime

3 Personal Training Apps that Change Your Workout Regime

3 Personal Training Apps that Change Your Workout Regime Eternal Fitness

Working out is something we all have to do. Well, only if you want to maintain a basic level of fitness and keep healthy. It can be a challenge for many people to build their own routine though. A lot of us find it easier to be told what to do than to actually create a plan ourselves. And while for many that means they have to find a personal trainer to meet up with in real life, there are more options available nowadays.

Take, for instance, fitness apps. These are personal training apps that can effectively take the place of a coach and deliver the same results. Let’s take a look at 3 different gym workout apps that could give you a much-needed boost of enthusiasm in your daily workout regime.

1. Runtastic PRO

This one is for all you runners out there. Remember the days of running with no music or any idea of what kind of mileage you were racking up? Those were simpler, yet less effective days.

With Runtastic PRO you don’t have to worry about over-doing it or under-doing it on your daily jog, This is one of those personal training apps that provides you voice feedback in real-time to alert you of how fast you’re going, how long you’ve been running, how many calories you’ve burned, and other things as well.  They also have additional add-ons you can purchase that will count your reps for you in things like pushups, squats, sit-ups, and pull-ups.

2. Eternal Fitness

When it comes to comprehensive personal training apps that offer everything, Eternal Fitness is in a league of its own. With offerings ranging from customized meal planning and tracking, to results tracking, custom workout plans and more, this app is perfect for those who want to cover all their bases in one fell swoop. As far as variety goes this app has it in spades, with over 6,500 different workout videos showing you how to perfectly execute techniques with impeccable form.

3. FitnessBuilder Plus

Sometimes you just want to try something different in your workout routine, but you don’t know where to begin. FitnessBuilder Plus is a good start. With over750 different workouts, you are guaranteed to find something that fits you. Whether you’re looking for a hardcore, boot camp style workout, or something a little more light and flowy like Yoga, FitnessBuilder Plus has it all.

You never have to worry about not knowing how to do a certain move or exercise either, because there are over 5,600 online fitness training photos and videos for you to browse through and educate yourself. You can even print out your workouts in PDF form if you really want to get serious about it.

Finding the Right Personal Training Apps

Personal training doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. With the right personal training apps, you can switch up your training at a moment’s notice and get the same great workout with plenty of variables involved.

Don’t waste any more time trying to fit exercise into your routine with tired workouts, when you can stimulate new muscles and different areas of your brain with a fresh new workout from one of the many apps mentioned here today.


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