How to Target Specific Muscle Groups During Your Cardio Workout

How to Target Specific Muscle Groups During Your Cardio Workout

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you probably know all about targeting specific muscle groups. Everybody who’s ever stepped foot in a gym has heard about the benefits of targeting specific muscle groups for maximum strength gains. We are talking about hard-to-reach muscles like the oblique, groin, and others. It can be hard to exhaust these muscles without tiring out other ones first, because of their unique location on the body. That’s why specific particular exercises are performed to target these muscle groups and get them just as ripped as the easier ones.

But what if you’re doing a cardio day, can you still target specific muscle groups? The answer is yes, even though it’s not the same process as it would be with weight lifting. To get you prepared for targeting specific muscle during your cardio workout, let’s take a look at some ways you can accomplish this goal.


At Home Workouts Are All You Need

If you don’t have a gym to visit, don’t worry. Cardio can be done anywhere you have enough room to move, and you can target specific muscles by altering your form and technique. Hiring an online fitness trainer or using fitness apps can really help you correct your form and get the results you’re looking for.

Our online training app, for example, is one of the best for those looking to learn proper form. You can download it here.


Specific Cardio Workouts



The whole point of cardio is to work out one muscle, your heart. But that doesn’t mean you can’t build other muscles at the same time. Sprints, for example, will target your quads, groin, and hamstrings.

Sprints are especially suitable for building muscle because they are a high-intensity, explosive exercise. Swimming can also target your leg muscles as well as your arms and core. Sprint laps in the water are perfect for this.




Burpees are another fantastic way to get a cardio workout without having to move around almost at all. Just drop to the ground and do a pushup, then jump back into the squat position, standing all the way up before coming back down and into pushup position.

Do this exercise as fast as you can without compromising your form, and your heart will be pounding out of your chest before you know it. Burpees target the pecs, lats, quads, buttocks, and hamstrings, making them one of the most efficient cardio exercises.


Get Creative with It

You don’t have to limit yourself to just the exercises in this article. Once you get the basics down, you can start to modify these exercises and branch out into new ones. Targeting specific muscle groups is essential if you want to have a balanced body and prevent injury.

If you work out at home, look for an online training app that can give you some guidance while you learn your way around your body. Eventually, you’ll be building muscle and burning fat at record rates, with your mirror confirming the effectiveness of your program.


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