Top Reasons to Join a Fitness Challenge

Top Reasons to Join a Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge

Weight loss is a lonely and isolating journey without a strong support system.  For many, this support system comes in the form of structured schedules with a personal trainer at a gym.  However, not all personal and professional schedules can accommodate this structure. Eternal Fitness recognizes this circumstance by offering access to a certified personal trainer for customized exercise programs and nutrition consultations within the comfort of your environment and the flexibility of your budget.

Kyle Valery, a certified fitness instructor and a clinical nutritionist, developed Eternal Fitness.  Structured exercise through personal training apps is for those beginning their weight-loss journey who want to push themselves to the next level.

Through this article, Kyle wants to educate his clients, new and current, on the benefits of weight loss through exercise.  A 30-day challenge program through Eternal Fitness will prove that, with the loss of just 5%-10% of body weight, there will a decrease in the risks of high blood pressure and cholesterol, stroke and type 2 diabetes.  

Today, there is a different approach to weight loss.  Weight loss is about weight management over time by the changing of one’s outlook and lifestyle.  The body deals with hunger differently through its loss of weight. A person may achieve their loss goal, but will experience a slower metabolism, an increase in hunger and a decrease in the feeling of fullness.  For these reasons, physical exercise needs to be a part of any weight maintenance program.

Aerobic Exercises

Activities like walking, swimming, and jogging burn the most calories during exercise.  Aerobic exercises improve the body’s utilization of oxygen. This utilization of oxygen is the difference between a diet that feels depriving and a diet that feels satisfying and sustainable over time.

Resistance Exercises

Resistance exercises, either weightlifting or the use of the full body weight in certain leg exercises, burn fewer calories but preserve lean muscle mass.  Preserving muscle mass is important because muscles burn more calories than fat.  When the desired weight goal is achieved, regular strength training will build lean muscle and increase resting metabolism.

Exercise Controls Weight

A customized exercise program, along with nutritional consultation, will improve your body’s use of oxygen, increase resting metabolism and build muscle mass to prevent weight gain and maintain weight loss.  This is the holistic approach to weight management.


Stretching exercises are important components of any program regimen to improve flexibility.  These exercises are not performed with the goal of burning calories or building lean muscle. As the body becomes more flexible, there will be a noticeable increase in endurance and a decrease in the risk of injury.


As a person becomes more active and realizes the improvements to endurance and body image, confidence and sleep patterns improve.  A healthy person has a healthy outlook on life.

The personal training apps offered through Eternal Fitness will customize an exercise and nutrition regimen to accommodate the constraints of your home and professional schedules.  It is the mission of Eternal Fitness to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and outlook by making smart choices. All programs will be individualized to meet your attainable goals.

Kyle Valery dares you to try a 30-day fitness challenge with exercises for mobility, dynamic movement, structured strength, and aerobic training.  Also included in the fitness challenge is a personalized meal plan based on your preferences, health, and dietary restrictions. Each exercise has a corresponding how-to video to ensure proper form for the targeted muscle group.


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