Why Home Workouts Are Just as Effective as Fitness Studio Workouts

Why Home Workouts Are Just as Effective as Fitness Studio Workouts

Home Workouts

There is a lot of misconception surrounding at home workouts. Many people believe that you need an expensive gym membership to get a good workout in. Sure, gyms provide expensive workout machines and weights. However, you don’t need fancy equipment to build muscle. Fitness apps are the future of effective workouts. Simply buy a few inexpensive weights or get creative with everyday home items, turn on your phone, and get your heart rate pumping.

At Eternal Fitness, we aim to amplify the advantages and effectiveness of workouts by making exercising at home more convenient and accessible than ever. Make fitness personal again: carve out some alone time for yourself and get in a highly effective workout while you’re at it.


The Effectiveness of Home Workouts

  • A workout consists of 4 or 5 components, these include a warm-up, cardio workout, weight training, stretching, and cool-down. These components are easy enough to do anywhere.
  • When you train at home, gym schedules never get to dictate when you can work out. When gyms close for the holidays, it can throw you off your routine. Home workouts make it easy to get up and get moving. Simply pull up the Eternal Fitness app and pick your favorite exercise.
  • Even with no equipment at all, you can still warm-up at home. Walk outside, run in place, do some jump rope, these are just a few ideas that can help warm-up your muscles to get you ready for a more intense workout.
  • No weights? No problem! Bodyweight exercises combined with high-intensity interval training get your heart rate up and burn just as many calories as you would going to the gym. Plus, working out at home forces you to get creative with your workouts. Find ways to get your body sore, use our guides or download our app!
  • Be yourself and pull funny faces, grunt, whine, sing out loud, dance between sets, and blast your favorite music. Having no one around can make you more confident and motivated, so you can truly throw yourself into your workouts without many eyes on you.

Home Workouts


Why You Should Choose Eternal Fitness

At Eternal Fitness, our priority is making sure you have time to exercise even on your busiest days. We focus on fitness training for busy people—parents, students, professionals who work all day, and anyone else who struggles to find the time to visit the gym. Our app helps to optimize your home workouts so you can get the most out of every minute.

Exercising at home saves you money on gym fees, fancy outfits, and gas to get to and from the gym. Your life is already complicated, busy, and filled with responsibilities. Getting healthy is easy with the Eternal Fitness online training app.

There are only five simple steps to get you started on your at-home fitness journey:

  1. Download the online fitness app
  2. Answer questionnaires about your health, fitness, and food
  3. Schedule meal plans and workouts
  4. Log your workouts and meals to track progress
  5. Complete your schedules and accomplish your goals

That’s it. Unlock one of the easiest ways to make sure you still get effective fitness training in as often as possible. Contact us today to find out more about effective home workouts and get started with Eternal Fitness at home personal training.


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