Amateurs Workout – Why is Flexibility Important for Muscle Growth?

Amateurs Workout – Why is Flexibility Important for Muscle Growth?

Physical activity is extremely important as we age.  Fitness helps us to maintain functional bodies that take us where we want to go and perform daily tasks as demanded, prolonging independence.  That’s just the least of it.  Strong muscles and flexibility go hand in hand.  Why is flexibility important, or strength, for that matter?  If you don’t know, you’re setting a course for limited mobility and potential health issues down the line.


Participating in physical fitness activities, including developing your muscles and remaining flexible, is an essential part of supporting a healthy skeletal structure, controlling weight, maintaining overall health, and avoiding injuries and illnesses that can derail your life.  Of course, you just might not have the time or money to attend a pricey gym.


The good news is, there are much better ways for busy adults to stay in shape.  Whether you have a hectic professional schedule, you are raising a family, or you’re swamped with college coursework, you can find the time for online fitness training designed to work around your schedule and deliver the results you expect and deserve.  This includes training for strength and flexibility.  Why is flexibility so important?  Here’s what you need to know.


Why is Flexibility Important


Why is Flexibility Important?

When it comes to exercise, many people focus on activities like cardio or strength training. These exercises are undoubtedly important.  However, flexibility, characterized by the range of motion your joints experience without pain, is often not even considered when planning an exercise routine.  If you happen to stretch, chances are it’s an afterthought at the end of your workout, and you likely aren’t very thorough.


Stretching is necessary to ensure that soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, tendons, and so on remain supple, rather than shortening over time.  Why is this important?  When you fail to maintain flexibility, you become more susceptible to muscle fatigue, stress on tissues, and ultimately, injury.


Also, flexibility is a necessary contributor to muscle growth.  When you fail to stretch your muscles, tightness is a common result.  This, in turn, can further limit a range of motion and contribute to muscle imbalance.  Decreased muscle tension through stretching increases muscle length and range of motion in joints, assists in healing muscle, reduces injury-related pain during rehabilitation, and increase strength.



The Role of Strong Muscles

Why is this important for muscle growth?  For one thing, our muscles tend to deteriorate as we age, and working to build muscle helps to combat this common occurrence.  More importantly, however, a strong muscular system works to support bones, joints, and more, reducing pain and injury as we age.


Don’t forget; a toned and muscular body also helps you to look and feel your best, burning calories and boosting your confidence.  Maintaining strength and flexibility doesn’t have to be difficult, either.  When you start to research why is flexibility important, you’ll see the benefits of working with online personal trainers to squeeze in needed exercise on your schedule, and maybe even participating in peripheral services like meal prepping online for proper nutrition to support a strong and healthy body for life.



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