Using the online personal training app, My PT Hub, our personal trainer and nutritionist can communicate with clients on the go, assign workouts, track progress, and create a personalized nutrition plan based on the needs of each client. With this fitness app for iPhones and Androids, you will be able to access your meal plans and exercise assignments on the go, or on your tablet or desktop. Kyle, Eternal Fitness’s virtual personal trainer, will assign a personalized nutrition plan to each of his clients after evaluating their response to our comprehensive questionnaire. This allows Kyle to get to know each client and use his background and experience to decide on an exercise and workout routine that will get the client the results they want.

Kyle has experience as both a personal trainer and nutritionist, and has a bachelor’s degree in nutritional science. Nutrition is one of the biggest aspects of fitness and overall wellness, and understanding what your body needs to fuel success is the missing puzzle piece that many people cannot achieve on their own. If one client is trying to build muscle mass, they will need a different nutrition plan than a client who is trying to lose fat. Similarly, clients who have more extreme goals will have different needs, as well men and women. Based on your nutritional needs, goals, preferences, and dietary restrictions, our personal trainer and nutritionist can decide which nutrition route to take and assign you with a custom nutrition plan within the app.

Through the app, Kyle will be able to assign nutrition plans that vary in strictness. Some clients may simply require a daily calorie limit to meet their goals, while others may need to have specific levels of macronutrients set based on how many grams of carbohydrates or protein will be best for their ultimate goal. This comprehensive personal training app functions as a meal tracking app, meaning you can view your custom meal plans, log your food, and view your daily calories and macronutrients. To start seeing the benefits of a personal trainer and nutritionist without the hefty price tag and time commitment of an in-person trainer, sign up for the My PT Hub app here.