Eternal Fitness uses the comprehensive online personal training app My PT Hub. This app is one of the most holistic healthy living apps available as it combines customized workout plans, personalized nutrition plans, meal and workout tracking, and even generates a shopping list based on your meal plan. When you sign up for the app with Kyle, Eternal Fitness’s certified personal trainer, he will evaluate your goals and nutrition needs based on a questionnaire, and assign a custom meal plan to you. This meal plan varies from client to client based on a number of factors, but is ultimately chosen after careful consideration to help you meet your fitness goals.

Your personalized shopping list will be based on your custom meal plan that Kyle has set up for you. Inside the My PT Hub app, simply click the “Shopping List” tab and immediately see a full shopping list needed to follow your meal plan. Just open your list at the grocery store and check off items as you put them in your cart. This feature sets our healthy living app apart from others as everything is in one convenient place. You no longer need to open a dozen half-finished notes on your phone to find your shopping list! The app will also let you know how much of each product to buy to you don’t over purchase and spend unnecessary money.

When you are serious about getting fit, losing weight, or adding muscle mass, it is important to remember that fitness is achieved in the kitchen just as much as it is in the gym. Having a shopping list that you and your virtual personal trainer have access to will help to hold you accountable in the grocery store and make sure you are only taking home the foods that will benefit you. To learn more about our online fitness program and custom meal planner app, check out the app’s homepage here. This fitness app for iPhones and Androids can be accessed on the go, or from your tablet or desktop computer, making it one of the most versatile personal training apps available.