Eternal Fitness uses My PT Hub, a comprehensive healthy living app that connects personal trainers and their clients. At Eternal Fitness, Kyle offers his services as a virtual personal trainer in order to work with clients’ budgets and busy schedules. After filling out a comprehensive questionnaire, Kyle will use his background in nutrition and exercise science, as well as his experience as an in-person personal trainer in San Diego, to create a custom meal plan and personalized online fitness program that you can follow at home or at your local gym. This gives clients the ultimate flexibility while still having the custom input of a certified personal trainer.

Using the My PT Hub app, clients can update measurements, weight, and upload progress photos. These features allows clients to keep track of how far they have come in their fitness journey and see how much closer they are getting to their goal. The app keeps all of your results in one convenient place, as well as allowing Kyle, your certified personal trainer at Eternal Fitness, to view your results. This will help us determine how to move forward in the program and if adjustments need to be made during our monthly review.

No matter which online fitness training plan you choose, we will review your food tracking, exercise log, and any progress results you have uploaded and make any necessary changes to your online fitness program to keep your results moving in the right direction. Whether we need to make changes to your custom meal plans, bump up the intensity of your online exercise program, or even take it down a notch, we can make the best-informed decision when we have more information about how much progress you have made so far. Check out the app’s homepage here to learn more about our plans and to get started with Eternal Fitness today.