Online Training

Online Training & Nutrition Planning


  • $39
    Online Training & Nutrition Plan Unlimited access to the Eternal Fitness training APP. Includes personalized monthly workout and meal plans.

    See details below.

Online Training, Nutrition Planning, & Live Consultation


  • $149
    Skype Consultation Online training and nutrition planning included plus two 30 minute live consultations per month.

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Online Training Package Descriptions

Online Training & Nutrition Planning

This package includes:

  1. Upon sign up you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire  to help me understand your goals, circumstances, and preferences.
  2. Within three days a custom training program will be uploaded to the Eternal Fitness APP.
  3. Our in-house nutrition experts will create an easy-to-follow meal plan that will be tailored to your goals and dietary restrictions.
  4. All exercises include an instructional video demonstrating form and technique.
  5. Six week review. Every six weeks we will review your workout logs and tailor your plan for the next six weeks.
  6. Access your individualized programs anytime, anywhere, and on any device with our Eternal Fit APP.



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Online Training, Nutrition Planning, & Live Consultation

This package includes:

  1. All services from the Online Training & Nutrition Planning plus two live (via real-time media) consultations.
  2. Real-time sessions give us the opportunity to discuss your progress, ask questions, and make necessary changes.